It’s About Time – More of It!

by | May 27, 2021 | Special Education Law

Today, the Texas Legislature passed a law that would extend the statute of limitations on special education cases from one year to two!  This will make Texas law consistent with Federal law.  More importantly, it allows time for parents to gather information and make informed decisions about legally enforcing their child’s right to a Free Appropriate Public Education.

This is a huge victory for parents of disabled children.  It is not unusual for it to take the better part of a school year to realize the impact of schools either not implementing an IEP, failing to provide appropriate services, or the impact of an inappropriate placement.  Frequently, parents realize the problem after almost a year has passed, and that leaves little time to hold schools accountable and pursue better services for their children.  The expansion of the limitations period will offer greater protection to parents and children.

Parents and their attorneys and advocates have been pleading for this for years.  Now the law has passed both the House and the Senate.  Now it is up to the Governor to sign it.


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