What Our Clients Have To Say

“Sharon was knowledgeable and helpful during legal proceedings 10 years ago. Most recently, an issue arose over those proceedings 10 years ago relative to a current real estate transaction. Sharon quickly checked files and brought the error to the attention of the Title Co, so to allow me to proceed without further delay. She is the best” – E.R.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness I highly recommend Marissa Balius for all of your family law needs. Her professionalism and expertise is second to none. I especially appreciate her communication with me and including me every step of the way.” – E.L.

“I have never used this firm, however I contacted them several months ago and was surprised when they contacted me to see if my family’s special needs were being met with all that is going on with the virus. This was very thoughtful. I really appreciated this.” – C.T.

a month ago
Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Colleen has been very accommodating especially during this unsettling time. It was quite an interesting experience, we’re the first to do the “curbside” document signing at the office. Thank you.” – P.S.

“Amy was very helpful when I called, answered all of my questions professionally and with confidence. She took all of the information I was needing help with and was able to speak with an attorney, gather all answers to ensure I was provided accurate information and returned my call promptly. I look forward to working with her and everyone at Ramage Law Group. 5 star customer service” – C.C.

“Amy was very helpful and very professional. She responded very quickly to my request to speak with someone. Also very knowledgeable. Great experience.” – L.P.

“I went in not knowing what the heck I was going to do, just that I needed a divorce and wanted to protect myself and my children’s futures. Since my husband and I only had one major asset and agreed to co-parent well for the children, he figured we could do this all on our own, however I was skeptical. When I went in for the consultation, they were very friendly, answered all my questions, provided me with information that I hadn’t even thought about. While we didn’t end up needing their services for this particular situation, it is such a relief to know I have them in my back pocket in case I need them. They are super friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely want to do what is right for the client and their needs. I know that I can call them at any time for anything and I will get a response.” – D.D.

“Had the pleasure of speaking with one of the attorneys (Can’t remember her name) from the firm and I was instantly impressed. Not only did I receive advice on my case, but the attorney actually empathized and shared a few laughs with me. This has honestly made my day.” – B.A.

“Strategic. Persistent. Not scared to take on the ‘hard cases’. Always 4 moves ahead. Team approach. A ‘Breath of fresh air’.” – L.L.

“Experience. In family law, there is no substitute, and a lack of it can devastate your case. The Ramage Law Group is overflowing with it, and knows what it takes to get a favorable outcome for you and your family. I am certain that without the wisdom and support of Sharon and her team, my family would have fallen victim to the pressures of the family court system in Texas, and for that, I cannot express enough gratitude, nor recommend Sharon more highly. If you are a parent trying to ensure the best interests of your kids are protected, don’t hesitate – call the Ramage Law Group today. Thank you all so much for your commitment, patience, and guidance!!” – T.S.

“Great attention to the details of my issue resulting in a creative expertise that was unexpected and refreshing. Every member of this team is top notch. I appreciate the team at Ramage Law Group. They deliver!” – A.W.

“I have had a wonderful interaction with Ramage Law. They are very knowledgeable and trustworthy. And best of all, they communicate which you don’t always see in a law firm.” – J.H.

“Some of the best attorneys. Very responsive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!” – J.A.

“Careful listeners, and very good at asking the questions that might impact my situation. Would recommend this firm to family, and friends.” – D.W.

“The staff at The Ramage Law Group are very professional and helpful. Able to handle very complicated issues.” – T.G.

“I highly recommend this firm! They are very knowledgeable in their scope of practice and do an amazing job at representing the families that come to them for help!” – A.C.

“They know what they’re doing and they got the job done. Compassionate, strong, knowledgeable team.” – A.Y.

“This firm produces results. Highly recommend!” – S.G.

“Top notch attorney! Knows her stuff and tells it like it is!” – J. H.

“Sharon is a top notch professional! She will fight for your family at all costs! I would recommend Sharon to anyone!”   – J.S.

“It was the best possible under circumstances.” – D.T.

“Sharon was very professional, knowledgeable, and helped us come to an agreement on very difficult issues.” – K.M.

“I had good experience with my divorce. She helped and supported me the entire time.” – L.P.