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To listen to Past Webinars, please see the below list:

* * Cybersecurity for Your Suddenly Remote Workplace – During Covid-19
Hackers are taking full advantage of this global pandemic.

* * Shift Happens! Rewire Your Business Ramage Mastermind Series
Executive Business & Performance Coach Lars Lofstrand and Family Law Attorney, Sharon Ramage, reveal the importance of having a Paradigm Shift regarding Life and Business for this month’s business mastermind topic while providing proven ACTION STEPS you need to take in order to Make a Change during today’s “New Normal” due to Covid-19.

* * Responding to and Supporting Children during Change
All children will experience change in their lives, whether it’s a new sibling, a different school, or just learning to become more independent.

* * Is it Parental Alienation with Dr. Susan Fletcher
Is your child refusing or resisting your current possession schedule? Could it be parental alienation?

* * How is COVID Changing the way People Handle Divorce & Real Estate?

* *QDROs, Retirement Division, and the New Rules for Accessing Retirement Funds during the Pandemic

* * 3 Ways to Get Equity out of Your Home – with Marcus Lepp

* * At Home Education with the Behaviorally Challenged Child.  How to Survive COVID-19 – with Dr. Amanda Coffey

* *Understanding How the CARES Act Affects Your Business and Your Taxes – with Jon Karp (CPA)
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