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Allen, TX Child Custody Lawyer

Find the Right Child Custody Lawyer for Your Needs

Children can, unfortunately, be most impacted by a divorce or separation. Ensuring that they have a stable environment where they can feel safe and succeed is your highest priority as a parent. The lawyers of The Ramage Law Group understand Texas child custody laws, and we can help you if you are struggling with custody arrangements. If you are engaged in a custody battle while undergoing a divorce, are already divorced, or were never married, let our lawyers provide you with the guidance and care required by a custody case.

Benefits of an Allen Child Custody Attorney

A knowledgeable child custody lawyer from The Ramage Law Group representing you in your custody case can help you navigate the many complexities of family law. We can help you establish custody or visitation arrangements. In most cases, we recommend having a court order in place. This can be essential, because it will clearly define the rights and obligations of both parents both now and in the future.

Custody modifications can be made after a final order has been put into place to address the changing needs of children, as well as changing parental circumstances. These modifications are possible if there are specific grounds to justify them. Potential reasons for a modification may include:

  • A new medical condition or disability affecting either the children or the parents
  • Changes in the child's preferences, as long as they are at least 12 years old
  • Relocation due to a job change or other circumstance
  • One parent is moving out of state
  • One parent is causing alienation between the children and the other parent
  • A move by the custodial parent without prior notification
  • Neglect or abuse of the child

High conflict custody cases also justify an emergency change of custody, including in situations involving abuse or neglect. We have experience working with mental health professionals who can understand the psychological issues facing both the children and the parents.

If you and the other parent are willing to cooperate, our attorneys can advise you on how to address your issues through the collaborative family law process. This option may help you reach agreements that address the short and long-term interests of you and your children, including child custody arrangements, without the need for litigation in court.

Legal Help for Allen, Texas Fathers and Grandparents

Our fathers' rights lawyers at The Ramage Law Group know how important it can be for children to maintain a relationship with both parents in their life. We will fight for fathers to retain custody rights to their children following a divorce or separation, including visitation rights, joint custody, or sole custody as circumstances warrant.

If a child's parents cannot provide the care that they need, grandparents may be able to pursue custody or other options. Circumstances that could justify a custody case being pursued by grandparents include parental substance abuse, disability, or other situations where one or both parents cannot provide adequate care for their children. Our lawyers can discuss your options and help you with your case. We will listen to your concerns and advocate for you and the children to place them in a safe environment. These options can include:

  • Child custody – If grandparents are awarded custody, they may also be eligible to receive child support to ensure that children's financial needs will be met.
  • Guardianship - Grandparents can pursue legal guardianship, giving them the right to make decisions on behalf of their grandchildren.
  • Adoption – Grandparents or other parties may be able to legally adopt children can occur in contested or uncontested cases involving unfit parents. Contested cases are often more challenging, and it can sometimes be difficult to prove that a parent's parental rights should be terminated.

Through the many aspects of a child custody case, the attorneys of The Ramage Law Group stand ready to assist you.

Get Help Today From an Allen, Texas Child Custody Attorney

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, you need a lawyer who can provide knowledgeable counsel. Contact The Ramage Law Group today by email or calling our office at 972-562-9890. We handle custody cases for clients in Allen, Prosper, Frisco, McKinney, and Plano and the counties of Tarrant, Denton, Harris, and Collin.

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