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Anna Divorce Lawyers

Child Custody and Property Division Attorneys in Anna, Texas

Divorce is a major life decision, since it will legally dissolve a married couple's partnership. If you have chosen to file for divorce, you have likely put a lot of thought into how you would like the process to go. Today, people who are getting divorced have many more options than they might have had in the past. You can choose between contested and uncontested divorce, depending on the level of conflict in your case. Many different child custody arrangements are now possible, depending on what is in your child's best interests and what works for your family. There are numerous creative strategies for dividing both parenting duties and marital property.

The Ramage Law Group is experienced in divorce cases of all types. We are experienced litigators and experienced guides during the mediation process. Whether your divorce is high-conflict, amicable, or something in between, our knowledgeable Anna, TX divorce attorneys will be there to protect your rights and provide accurate, effective legal advice. We will work with you to identify the right divorce strategy in your case.

Common Issues in Divorce Cases

There are many different issues that will need to be addressed and resolved before your divorce can be finalized. Whether you use mediation, attorney-led negotiation, or litigation, you may need to provide documentation regarding many different aspects of your married life, including your parenting duties and the property you own. Issues that may need to be decided during your divorce case include:

  • Who keeps the family home? If you and your spouse are homeowners, you cannot exactly split the house. Normally, one spouse may take full ownership of the house in exchange for other property, or the home may be sold and the profits divided. If you rent, you still need to determine who will move out and how the expenses of getting a new apartment should be handled.
  • What child custody arrangements are best? Finding the best possible child custody plan for your family can be challenging. You - or the court - must assess your child's needs and how well each parent can meet them. Joint custody is the most common arrangement. Sometimes this, means 50/50 custody for parents who live near each other, and in other cases, one parent will have primary custody while the children will see the other parent as much as possible. Sole custody is very rare and is generally reserved for cases where one parent may present a danger to the child.
  • Which property is separate and which is marital? Each of you will be entitled to your separate property, such as belongings you owned before the marriage and your individual inheritances. However, any property acquired during your marriage will need to be divided during your divorce.
  • How should the marital property be divided? Figuring out how to divide your marital property can be a difficult task, as you and your spouse are considered to be joint owners of all assets in the marital estate. Marital property might include your furniture, your retirement accounts, your money, your stocks, and your vehicles.
  • Who makes important decisions about child-related issues? Parents are constantly making critical decisions on behalf of their children. Divorcing parents often disagree on issues like whether the child should go to church, whether they should be homeschooled or sent to a public school, and what type of medical and mental health treatment they should receive. This decision-making responsibility is called legal custody in Texas. You will need to determine whether you and your spouse will share legal custody and how decisions related to your children will be made.
  • Will one spouse pay alimony? Spousal support has generally fallen out of favor in Texas divorce cases, but it can still be granted when there is a substantial need.

These are only a few of the many issues that can arise during a divorce case. Your divorce may be simpler if you have little marital property and no children, or it may be more complicated if you were married a long time, have children, and own extensive assets.

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