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Anna, TX, Fathers' Rights Lawyers

Attorney for Child Custody and Paternity in Anna, Texas

If you are the father of a child - or think you might be - you have rights. Fathers and mothers have the same set of rights in child custody cases. Whether you were married to the mother or not is not necessarily relevant. If a child is biologically yours, you can go to court to fight for shared or full custody. If you are not sure whether a child is yours, you can go to court to have a DNA test ordered so that you can find out for sure. Having a dad in the picture can be great for a growing child. Children who have both parents involved in their lives have twice the guidance and twice the love, and they are more likely to have all of their needs met.

Our Anna, TX fathers' rights attorneys are committed to helping dads stay involved in their children's lives. We can start by filing a paternity case if you are not already presumed to be your child's legal father. Being formally declared the father of your child is step one towards starting a real father-child relationship and getting court-ordered custody and visitation time. Fathers are nearly always given the right to visit with their children, and 50/50 child custody arrangements are becoming more common as the courts modernize their ways of thinking about parenthood.

How Can I Prove That My Child Is My Child?

It is usually not as difficult as you might think to get the court to help you prove that you are your child's father in cases where the mother will not sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. Even if the mother resists, there are ways a Collin County paternity lawyer can help you assert your status as a parent. The first thing our attorneys will do is file a petition with the court. The mother will be ordered to attend a hearing.

There are a few things that can happen here. First, if the mother does not come to the hearing, then you may be declared the father by default. If she does appear in court, there is a good chance she might simply admit that you are her child's dad, and the court can have you added to the birth certificate. Finally, the mother might appear and claim that you are not the father. If she does this, the judge will almost certainly order a DNA test and let the results govern the ruling.

How Can Collin County Dads Get Custody of Their Children?

Your child gets half of their DNA from you. You can be obligated to provide financial support for them, because you are half responsible for creating them. It only makes sense that this means you should also get to share in the joys of parenting. While it used to be the case that young children almost always lived with their mothers and "visited" with their fathers, things are different now.

You and the mother have the same rights when it comes to raising your child. If you and the mother live in the same area, you may be able to get roughly the same amount of time with your child as she does. Many children alternate weeks with their mom and their dad. Our Anna child custody attorneys will help you determine what kind of parenting schedule would work best for you and your children so that we can fight to assert your rights as a dad.

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The Ramage Law Group is committed to bringing dads and their children together. Our experienced Collin County paternity and child custody lawyers for dads will do all we can to help you get a fair child custody arrangement. Contact us at 972-562-9890 to consult with an attorney.

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