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Collin County, TX Fathers' Rights Attorneys

Attorneys Helping Dads Go Through Divorce

Parental roles have been evolving in recent decades, and unmarried or divorcing fathers may have concerns about the impact these changes may have on child custody. Maintaining the relationship that they have enjoyed with their children can sometimes be challenging for fathers. Dads deserve to know what rights they have in an often difficult and emotional time. Divorcing or unmarried fathers should work with a Collin County, TX family law attorney who is dedicated to protecting their rights in custody cases.

Our attorneys at The Ramage Law Group are proud to be fathers' rights advocates who seek to maintain the important relationships that fathers have with their children, even while going through a divorce or custody dispute. The best solution in some cases involves the children residing primarily with their father, while others involve equal time spent with the mother and the father. Our fathers' rights lawyers will fight for the ideal solution for you and your children.

What a Collin County Fathers' Rights Attorney Can Provide

There is no longer the expectation that Texas courts will award custody of children to their mother after a divorce or in other child custody cases. However, fathers can still face challenges while addressing these matters. That is why it is important for fathers to trust The Ramage Law Group. Our Collin County, Texas fathers' rights lawyers know that a child benefits from having both a father and a mother involved to provide the support and stability they need.

We can help fathers establish with the court that they are an involved parent, that they will help to sustain a positive relationship between their children and the mother, and that they can meet their children's needs both now and in the future. To accomplish this, we recommend strategies to fathers that will help them build a case for future shared custody by demonstrating their ongoing involvement as a parent. Among the strategies that we recommend are:

  • Continuing to perform daily parenting obligations during the divorce process, including assisting with school work and getting the children to school or other activities.
  • Documenting involvement in parenting duties, which can include keeping a list of school and extracurricular events attended by a father, important medical decisions they contribute to, or any other significant parenting contributions they make.

The Collin County fathers' rights lawyers at The Ramage Law Group are proud to help fathers remain an integral part of their children's lives during and after a divorce. We can also tackle other family law cases where fathers' rights are important to protect. Drug or alcohol abuse, or mental illness can lead to a high-conflict divorce where complex emotional and legal issues favor professional legal representation. After a previous custody order, child support modification or child custody modification cases can result based on changes in the financial or residential situations of the father, the mother, or the children. Our attorneys will provide the legal skills and dedication to work for the best outcome for the father and the children.

Contact Our Collin County, TX Fathers' Rights Lawyers

Our attorneys know how to fight for unmarried fathers in these changing times. We can work with fathers and mothers in child custody cases, helping them to reach agreements that provide fair solutions to disputes related to their children. Our assessments are always confidential. If you are a child's dad or stepfather going through a custody case, call us at 972-562-9890 or email our office. We provide legal help and representation for clients in Collin County, including the communities of Prosper, Plano, Allen, Frisco, and McKinney.

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