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Frisco, TX Child Custody Attorneys

Dedicated Lawyers for Child Custody Cases

There are a variety of scenarios when a child custody lawyer can be valuable. You may be going through a divorce and need legal advice and representation. You may be trying to establish custody rights for a child with a partner or former partner. You may be seeking to change a previous agreement with your ex-spouse. The dedicated attorneys of The Ramage Law Group can help you through all these child custody scenarios and more with strength and compassion. We understand Texas's custody laws, and we will always work in your best interests to build a strong case.

Reasons to Hire a Frisco, TX Child Custody Lawyer

Whether you are approaching divorce, already divorced, or were never married to your child's other parent, there are many reasons to hire a child custody lawyer from The Ramage Law Group. We can help you establish a custody or visitation agreement with the other parent. In most cases, we recommend having a court order put in place. This will clearly define the rights and responsibilities of each parent in the case and provide legal precedent should the circumstances or financial situation of one or both parents change. Any significant change could result in a child custody modification.

Some of the changes that could justify a custody modification are:

  • A new medical condition or disability of a parent or child
  • A change in parental preference, if the child is 12 years or older
  • A job change for a parent that requires a relocation out of state
  • A parent alienates the child from the other
  • A parent moves to a new home with the child without prior notification
  • The child is subject to abuse or neglect

More severe conditions may justify an emergency change of custody. Such high conflict cases could result from abuse or neglect of the child, substance abuse, or other factors. Our attorneys will act as your advocate to safeguard you and your child as you pursue your custody rights.

If both parents are willing to work cooperatively to shape their child custody agreement, our law firm can work with you using a collaborative family law process. This process allows families to determine the terms of their custody together and avoid having a judge establish the final outcome in their case.

Allen, Texas Grandparents' and Fathers' Custody Advocates

Texas law has recognized the importance of treating fathers equally in custody cases to reflect changing family dynamics. This helps establish stability and support for children under potentially difficult circumstances. Our fathers' rights lawyers will fight on your behalf to ensure your rights are respected in decisions on visitation, joint custody, and establishing sole custody if justified.

When neither parent is willing or able to provide stability in their children's lives, Texas recognizes grandparents' rights to fill that role. In cases of substance abuse, neglect, disability, or other situations in the parent's life, we can advocate for grandparents and discuss what legal options you have. These options could include:

  • Child custody – Obtaining full custody, which can also include child support payments.
  • Guardianship – Legal guardianship may be a viable solution in certain situations.
  • Adoption – Grandparents can adopt their grandchildren through uncontested and contested cases, though a contested case can be more difficult, since one or both parents may not agree to terminate their parental rights.

If you are going through one of these cases or any other custody-related dispute, we can provide the assistance you need.

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