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Frisco, TX Divorce Attorneys

Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer Near You

The Ramage Law Group and our Frisco, TX divorce attorneys help our clients navigate the divorce process to achieve the best possible outcome. We believe that divorces are an ending, but they can also be a new beginning, and we work to ensure that you will be able to overcome any obstacles so that you can move forward.

Benefits of Using a Frisco, Texas Divorce Attorney

Whether your divorce is collaborative, amiable, or contentious, having a trusted attorney with you during the divorce process is the key to getting the outcome you desire. Our family law law firm has seen many different situations, and we can work with you as an individual to find the best possible outcome. There are many different scenarios that our lawyers are prepared to manage.

Through the collaborative family law process, couples can cooperate to avoid having decisions about their divorce made by a judge. Rather, they can work with The Ramage Law Group attorneys to reach a solution that is agreeable to both parties.

Every divorcing couple with children must face the challenges of child custody arrangements in the divorce process. While informal agreements can be reached on visitation and other issues, having a formal court order in place is often best in the long-term for the parents and children involved. Our attorneys can also provide legal guidance for child support orders based on the finances of the two parties. Upon a change to the financial, residential, or employment status of either parent, we can provide guidance regarding child support modifications or child custody modifications.

The impact of a divorce can have long-term financial impacts on the parties involved. The Ramage Law Group can advise clients on the process of property division in a fair manner and with your best financial outcomes in mind.

Assets that can be included in the property division process may include:

A high-asset divorce is one that involves significant income, high-value property, and other valuable assets. If you are going through a high net worth divorce, you can trust our attorneys to work with you to reach a favorable outcome.

The Ramage Law Group prides itself on being a strong advocate of fathers' rights in the legal system. Texas courts recognize that family dynamics have changed, but fathers can still face additional challenges regarding custody of children during a divorce or family law case. We support a father's right to continue to be an active and equal parent after a divorce. We will strongly represent you in cases involving child support and child custody issues and advocate for you during your divorce.

The Ramage Law Group works with every client, no matter their situation, to find a path forward.

Contact a Frisco, TX Divorce Lawyer

Starting the divorce process is an emotional event for anyone. Let the attorneys of The Ramage Law Group help you through the divorce process. Call us at 972-562-9890 or contact our office today. Our attorneys are proud to serve families in Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Plano, and Prosper and throughout the counties of Collin, Tarrant, Harris, and Denton.

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Finding The Right Attorney Matters. Contact Us Today.

A family lawyer does much more than simply provide legal answers. Our lawyers explore a variety of different solutions to help you achieve your goals and secure your family's financial and emotional future and stability.

To discuss your case or set up a consultation, call us at 972-562-9890 or use the online contact form.

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