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Frisco, TX Fathers' Rights Lawyers

Skilled Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Fathers

Fathers can have pressing questions when going through a divorce or a separation from an unmarried partner, many of which revolve around the relationship with their children. With parenting roles changing and both parents playing a substantial role in raising children, fathers want to ensure they will be able to maintain close contact following a divorce or other major changes in their lives. Working with a dedicated Frisco, TX fathers' rights attorney is the best way that a divorcing or unmarried father can protect his rights.

The attorneys of The Ramage Law Group care about our clients' needs, and we will work to preserve a close relationship between a father and his children. Each divorce situation is unique. The best outcome for the children may involve the father being the primary caregiver, or equal time may be shared between both parents. Our fathers' rights lawyers will strive to find the best solution.

Help From a Frisco, Texas Fathers' Rights Law Firm

In divorces or other custody cases in Texas, mothers are no longer routinely given sole or primary custody of the children. Courts have recognized that fathers play an ever-increasing role in raising children, and having both parents involved in the life of children provides support and stability. The Frisco, TX-based fathers' rights attorneys of The Ramage Law Group proudly fight for the right of fathers to be equal partners in important matters related to their children's lives, including education and healthcare.

Demonstrating involvement in his children's development can be a compelling way for a father to build a case for shared custody. He must be able to help his child maintain a positive relationship with the child's mother. He should also be able to show that he can positively contribute to the child's physical and emotional development as they grow.

Our attorneys can help you show your involvement in your child's everyday life, including:

  • Record-keeping that demonstrates your daily parenting involvement with activities at school, extra-curricular events, doctors and medical appointments, and any other hands-on activities.
  • Everyday activities that are essential parenting duties, such as helping your child with homework and transportation to and from school.

The relationship with your children that you enjoyed before your divorce does not need to go away after your marriage ends. Further, if you feel that your children would be in a better situation if they primarily resided with you, our lawyers could help evaluate your case and represent you as you pursue primary or sole custody.

While no divorce case or custody suit is simple for those involved, there are certain circumstances that can make a case more complicated. You can trust The Ramage Law Group to represent your best interests and those of your children. In a high-conflict divorce, issues such as drug or alcohol abuse, and mental illness can complicate custody issues. Changes in the employment or living situation of you or the mother of your children can lead to child custody modification or child support modification cases. No matter the situation, our Frisco, Texas fathers' rights attorneys stand ready to help.

Frisco, TX Fathers' Rights Attorneys Will Fight for You

Our fathers' rights attorneys know that times have changed. We act as a champion for all parents, including unmarried fathers, while handling a custody case. For a confidential assessment of your rights in a custody case, call our office at 469-240-1371 or contact us by email.

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