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Parker Divorce Lawyers

Child Custody and Property Division Attorneys in Collin County, TX

Every divorce case can be broken down into a series of smaller issues. Trying to establish a divorce agreement out of court usually means going through each issue, one at a time, and finding a compromise. You may need to negotiate or give in on a less important issue to secure a favorable outcome on an issue that is more important to you. If your divorce is more contentious and must be resolved in the courtroom, the judge will largely follow the same process of addressing each issue in turn. Whether you pursue an uncontested divorce or go through divorce litigation, it is important to have a strong attorney representing you.

The Ramage Law Group is a firm of experienced Parker, TX divorce attorneys. We have in-depth knowledge regarding almost any issue that may come up in your divorce, from child custody disputes to dividing retirement accounts. We understand how complex a divorce can be, and we will carefully guide you through the process from start to finish, offering support and sound legal advice at every stage.

High-Conflict Divorce and Child Custody Attorneys

High-conflict divorces require practiced and aggressive attorneys. If your divorce is likely to go to court, we will do everything we can to prepare both you and your children. You may need to provide a lot of evidence for the court. Anything from police reports regarding an abusive spouse to financial statements showing your spouse's abuse of marital funds may be important.

A guardian ad litem is likely to become involved. This can be stressful for parents, but it is a normal part of a contested divorce. The guardian ad litem's job is to help the judge understand what type of child custody arrangements will be best for your child based on their needs and each parent's ability to meet them.

Amicable or Uncontested Divorce Lawyers Serving Parker, Texas

It is important to understand that amicable and uncontested divorce often overlap, but they are not necessarily interchangeable terms. Spouses who part amicably often have an easier time reaching a fair divorce agreement with the help of a mediator. In some cases, it may be possible to reach agreements with assistance from both parties' attorneys.

Uncontested divorce is possible even for spouses whose breakups are not so friendly. Even if you and your spouse are unable to tolerate each other's presence, and your divorce is quite bitter, we may still be able to help you come to an agreement so that you can avoid litigation. We can use a mediation strategy that does not involve direct contact with your spouse, or we may negotiate with your spouse's lawyer to achieve a fair resolution in your case.

While the idea of compromising with your spouse might seem very stressful, if both of you are able to approach mediation or negotiation with the intention of resolving your issues outside of court, you will likely be able to succeed with our help.

Divorce After a Long Marriage

If you have been married for a very long time, it is likely that your finances are deeply intertwined. One of you may be financially reliant on the other after years as a homemaker, meaning that spousal maintenance might be appropriate. You may share significant assets, such as retirement accounts that one or both of you have been making contributions to for decades. Determining how to handle these and other financial issues can be a complex matter, but our team can provide the assistance you need to complete the divorce process successfully.

The term "gray divorce" may be used to describe divorce for adults who are nearing or at retirement age. This type of divorce has become increasingly common. Many couples grow apart over the years as times change and people change. Our attorneys are experienced in helping older adults maintain financial stability after ending long-term marriages.

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The Ramage Law Group is highly experienced in helping people get divorced under a wide variety of circumstances. Our Collin County divorce lawyers will do all we can to reach a resolution you are happy with. Contact us at 972-562-9890 to initiate a consultation with a skilled lawyer.

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