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Plano, TX Child Custody Lawyer

Skilled Attorneys for Custody Battles

If you are a parent going through a divorce or an unmarried separation, the question of child custody can be a difficult one. You want to ensure that your children will have a stable and supportive environment during what can be a difficult time. Our child custody lawyers understand the legal process. We can help guide you as you determine how to address custody arrangements in your divorce, amend a previous custody agreement, or make sure your ex-spouse is following the terms of your current custody order. The Ramage Law Group stands ready to support you with strength and guidance.

Why You Should Hire a Plano, TX Child Custody Law Firm

Our clients' cases involve many different scenarios. The lawyers at The Ramage Law Group can help you navigate Texas' family law process to establish a visitation or custody arrangement or work through any of other issues related to your children. For those clients first establishing a custody agreement, we usually recommend putting a court order in place. The benefit of a court order is that it clearly defines the rights and obligations of both parents both immediately and in the future.

Any significant change in the life of a parent or children can result in a child custody modification. These changes could include:

  • The parent or the child has a new medical condition or a disability
  • The child changes their preference, if the child is at least 12 or older
  • One parent has a job change or other change that requires relocation
  • One parent alienates the child from the other parent
  • The custodial parent moves the child without notification
  • There is abuse or neglect of the child

High conflict custody cases often involve more serious issues, and they may involve grounds for an emergency change of the child's custody. Such cases could result from parental alienation, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, or other unsafe conditions or changes in circumstances. During a difficult, high-stakes conflict, we can act as your advocate and work tirelessly to protect your custody rights and the best interests of your children.

By using the collaborative family law process during a divorce, couples can cooperatively decide on how to address different issues, including custody arrangements and child support. This approach can be beneficial in some cases, since it leaves the custody decisions out of the hands of a judge. Our attorneys can make sure this process will meet your short and long-term needs.

Fighting for Plano, Texas Fathers' and Grandparents' Rights

As family dynamics evolve, the father's rights attorneys of The Ramage Law Group know how important it is to keep a father present in a child's life after a custody case. Texas law supports the rights of both parents, and we fight on a father's behalf to retain those rights. Potential outcomes can include joint custody, visitation rights, or sole custody if justified after a divorce or the separation of an unmarried couple.

There are situations when neither biological parent can adequately care for their children due to a disability, substance abuse, or other circumstances. In these cases, grandparents may be able to pursue legal rights regarding their grandchildren. If you are a grandparent who wants a safe and stable home for your grandchildren, we can act as your advocate. This can include pursuing:

  • Child custody – We can help you assess if this is the most appropriate situation. This can also include the establishment or modification of child support payments.
  • Guardianship – It may be possible for grandparents to pursue legal guardianship of the children.
  • Adoption – Our lawyers can help with contested and uncontested adoptions. Contested cases often have higher standards that will need to be met to show that the termination of parental rights is necessary, and these situations can be more challenging, requiring assistance from an attorney who is experienced in these matters.

We Are Your Plano, TX Child Custody Attorneys

Get the legal help you need in your child custody case by contacting The Ramage Law Group today. Our firm of family law attorneys serves clients in Plano and surrounding communities. Call us at 469-240-1371 or use our online form.

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