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Prosper, TX Child Custody Attorney

Skilled Lawyers in Prosper, Texas for Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support

Keeping children safe and secure is what every parent strives to do. When your children's world is filled with unknowns during your divorce or a separation of unmarried parents, you want to know where to find help. Let the lawyers of The Ramage Law Group fight for you and your children during the legal process to help you create a custody agreement where they can be protected. We understand Texas child custody laws, and we will work with you to build a strong custody case.

Prosper, TX Child Custody Lawyers Who Will Fight for You

There are many reasons to hire a child custody lawyer from The Ramage Law Group to represent you in your case. If you are approaching divorce, already divorced, or never married, we can help you create the necessary custody or visitation arrangements. We recommend having a court order in place in most cases, since a parent's priorities or circumstances can shift over time. By having a court order in place, the rights and obligations of both parents are clearly defined.

After a final order is put in place, child custody modifications can be made, but only if they are justified. Changes in a custodial parent or children's life that could justify a modification include:

  • The child or parent has a new medical condition or disability
  • The child's preference of parent changes, but only if they are at least 12 years old
  • One parent relocates due to a job change
  • One parent moves out of state
  • One parent alienates the child from the other parent
  • The custodial parent moves without prior notification
  • Abuse or neglect of the child

If both parents desire to avoid taking their case to court when working out custody agreements, our lawyers are knowledgeable in using the collaborative family law process. This process allows the parents to agree on child custody arrangements that align with their short and long-term interests.

Advocating for Allen, Texas Fathers and Grandparents

Texas law has recognized the importance of keeping both parents in children's lives whenever possible. The lawyers of The Ramage Law Group will fight for a father's right to retain custody rights to their children after a divorce or separation. This can include visitation and joint custody agreements or advocating for sole custody if circumstances warrant.

In circumstances where parents are unable or unwilling to retain custody of their children, grandparents can provide the needed safe environment for grandchildren. If you are a grandparent pursuing custody due to substance abuse, disability, or another situation in the parent's life, our lawyers can be your advocate. We will learn about your case and discuss the best options, which could include:

  • Child custody – Grandparents can be awarded custody, which can also come with establishing or modifying existing child support payments.
  • Guardianship - Grandparents can establish legal guardianship for children to ensure that they have the right to make important decisions on their behalf.
  • Adoption – Grandparents can legally adopt their grandchildren if the situation warrants. In some cases, an adoption may be contested, and legal proceedings may be necessary to demonstrate whether a parent's parental rights should be terminated.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer in Prosper, TX

At The Ramage Law Group, our child custody lawyers will provide you with the legal counsel you need in your case. To take control of this emotional situation, contact us or call our office at 972-562-9890.

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