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Prosper, TX Fathers' Rights Lawyers

Attorney Representing Fathers in Custody Cases in Prosper, Texas

As parenting roles have evolved in recent years, divorcing or unmarried fathers may be unsure about their rights in a child custody case. During a divorce or the separation of an unmarried couple, fathers may be concerned about maintaining a close and continuing relationship with their children. These issues can be important as decisions are made regarding child support, child custody, and spousal support. Unmarried and divorcing fathers deserve to be represented by a dedicated Prosper, Texas fathers' rights attorney.

At The Ramage Law Group, our fathers' rights lawyers will strive to help fathers stay involved in their children's lives after a divorce. We work to provide dads with legal help to ensure that they can maintain close relationships with their children. Our fathers' rights attorneys can work with all parties involved to find the best solutions to their unique situations.

Choosing the Right Prosper, TX Fathers' Rights Lawyer

In divorces or other custody cases, courts in Texas now recognize that parental roles and responsibilities have changed, and they no longer simply award the mother custody of the children involved. Ideally, both parents will be engaged in raising children, providing a level of support and stability in what can be challenging circumstances. The Prosper fathers' rights attorneys of The Ramage Law Group support joint decision making from both a mother and a father for education, healthcare, and other important matters in a child's life.

To build their case for shared legal custody, fathers should be able to demonstrate that they are involved parents, that they can positively provide for the child's emotional needs and physical development, and that they can make sure that children maintain positive relationships with their mother. Our lawyers often recommend documenting interactions and activities to help demonstrate to a judge or child custody evaluator that a father has and will continue to contribute positively to their children's parenting, including:

  • Keeping a diary of daily parenting responsibilities that you perform, which can be school-related, extra-curricular activities, medical and other appointments, and any other important parental decision-making that you are involved in.
  • Performing other day-to-day parenting responsibilities, including getting your children to and from school and helping with homework.

Involved fathers who want to remain closely involved in their children's lives and upbringing after getting divorced may need legal help to make their case. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, our attorneys may help a father make the case that they should serve as their children's primary custodial parent.

There are a variety of other family law cases in which The Ramage Law Group attorneys can ensure that fathers' rights are protected. A high-conflict divorce, which can include complicated issues such as drug or alcohol abuse, or mental illness, may also involve custody disputes that a lawyer can help navigate. After an earlier divorce or other custody cases, child custody modification or child support modification may be warranted. Lawyers who understand how the law addresses changing situations and how best to protect the interests of a father and his children can be invaluable. These situations may involve modifying the initial child custody orders based on changes in the life of the mother, the father, or the children.

Fighting to Protect Fathers' Rights in Prosper, TX

Today, fathers should have equal rights in child custody cases. Our lawyers will champion the rights of divorcing or unmarried fathers, and we can act as your advocate and fight to protect your children's best interests. Call our office at 972-562-9890 or email us for a confidential consultation to discuss how you can protect your rights as a father in a custody case.

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