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Spring 2024 Winner Of the Adopted Child Scholarship

Isabella Jimenez-Hernandez

Isabella Jimenez-Hernandez has been named the Spring 2024 winner of our Adopted Child Scholarship. While currently a student at Lone Star College CyFair, Isabella will soon be transferring to Tarleton State University to continue her studies in biomedical sciences. We cannot wait to see all she accomplishes.

Isabella Jimenez-Hernandez

Read Isabella's Essay:

My name is Isabella Jimenez-Hernandez, and I was adopted at 11 years old. Before that, I was separated from my siblings and placed in foster care throughout my early years. Throughout my childhood, I’ve felt like I was alone in the world, and I struggled with feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere and with anyone. My biological mother wasn’t a very stable woman and I never found out who my biological father was, but all of that ceased to matter with the unconditional love my parents have given to me throughout the years. Nonetheless, through it all, I’ve always held on tight to my big dreams for the future. The future is what has always kept me moving forward and persevering through the current hardships. Currently, I’m pursuing a bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences in order to get into PA school to become a Physician Associate. I want to work at a hospital and be a prominent member in public health in order to take care of people in my community. Because of my background, it is not enough for me to become a health care worker, I want to be actively involved in public health in order to be able to participate in social work just as the social workers who have been with me throughout the years.

My parents have worked extremely hard to keep me and my siblings together. My parents came from Mexico in search for better opportunities, and when my dad stumbled upon me and my siblings, he sacrificed everything he had to keep us safe. My mom selflessly took his side, and together, they have kept our wonderful family together. We grew up in poverty in the early years, but my parents always stressed the importance of an education and never giving up. My dad always says that we must strive to make tomorrow better than yesterday. It is their dream to send all three of us to college. I remember my mom would sit us at the table and make us study what we learned at school that day, or even in the summer break, she would make us study what we would learn the next year. Thanks to her constant motivation, I have maintained straight A’s throughout high school and college. I learned to love learning, invite knowledge, and develop skills. I’ve also learned the invaluable skill of planning ahead and being on top of things.

I love to devote my time to serving others because I aspire to make a positive impact in the lives of others as my parents have done for me. I’m currently in the Honors College Leadership Program at Lone Star College CyFair where I am able to serve my campus, my fellow honors classmates, and build my teamwork skills. I get to work mentoring new honor students to not give up on their dreams, and with planning their path to their idealized success. I try to spread the support and understanding that was granted to me growing up. Helping others reach their version of success is something that is very important to me since I believe that we all deserve to strive for better. I also volunteer as a chemistry tutor at the Academic Success Center. It has been a joy to meet so many other students who have varying career interests and help them in their determination to not let one subject get in the way of their educational plans. These activities and my interests are what have always made me who I am, and with the stability that my family grants me, I am able to continue growing as an individual and continue moving closer towards my purpose.

Although financial barriers still impose a future of uncertainty on my educational goals, I know for sure that I don’t want my parents to worry about it anymore, so they can focus on guiding my younger siblings as well as they’ve guided me. For this, I will need to work harder, and achieve scholarships to continue to fund my educational goals. I used to feel like a burden when accepting the help of other people, but I’ve come to learn that in order for me to have the resources to help others in the future, I need to be able to receive resources that can get me there in the first place. I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been blessed with, and no matter what, I will continue to work hard for my tomorrow. I’ve come to understand that it doesn’t matter where we come from; it matters where we are going. I sincerely appreciate your consideration in reading my story and enabling me to come closer to my dreams.

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