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Denton County Divorce Lawyers

Respected and Compassionate Divorce Attorney in Texas

Divorce cases must be handled based on the unique circumstances of the family involved. Every divorce case is different. Our lawyers take all the time we need to speak with you and develop a strong understanding of your needs, your child's needs, and the specific circumstances of your divorce. Was your spouse financially abusive, hiding money and dissipating marital assets? Does your high-needs child need to be with a stay-at-home parent? Is your spouse reasonably able to work with you to reach a fair divorce settlement? These are the kinds of things we need to know.

The Ramage Law Group is committed to helping our clients reach a divorce resolution they are happy with. We will work to understand your personal priorities so that we can better meet your legal needs throughout the divorce process. There is no divorce issue our experienced family law attorneys cannot take on. Whether you resolve your divorce through collaborative law or in the courtroom, we will fight for you every step of the way.

Property Division in Divorce Litigation

In Texas, both spouses own all marital assets equally. This usually means that in a contested divorce, the court will divide marital property 50/50. Dividing marital property this way may seem simple, but it can become complicated. How do you divide a stock portfolio or family business with a constantly fluctuating value evenly? How can you divide the value of your family home in half, especially if one of you wishes to keep living there with the children?

Our attorneys will do all we can to obtain a fair result during a contested divorce. We may spend time gathering a significant amount of evidence related to your marital finances, whether you own separate assets, and any financial misconduct by your spouse.

Dividing Marital Property Out of Court

If you and your spouse can divide your marital assets by agreement, there is much more flexibility in how you can approach the task. You may negotiate through your attorneys, "trading" assets that are important to you for those you are willing to part with. Mediation often focuses on finding a resolution that is fair and works for both parties.

High-Conflict Child Custody

Litigated child custody cases can be stressful for parents and children alike. A guardian ad litem will likely step in to speak with your children and help the judge determine what the child's needs are and how each parent can help meet them. There is a list of factors the court will consider, such as the stability of each parent's household and what the child wants.

The court will also need to decide issues of legal custody - which parent has the right to make which decisions about how the child will be raised. Which parent decides how to educate the child? Who can sign consent forms for medical and mental health care? Can one or both parents provide religious training? These questions will need to be answered.

Making a Child Custody Plan by Agreement

Resolving child custody issues out of court can keep the child from directly confronting the conflict between their parents. Working together to create a custody arrangement that puts the child first can help your child feel safe, secure, and loved throughout the divorce process.

Parents who are getting divorced have many options for planning a custody schedule. Your ideal child custody arrangement will depend on numerous factors, such as how close together the parents will live after the divorce, how the child is being educated, and both of your work schedules. Our lawyers can offer creative and convenient solutions for complex child custody issues.

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