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Denton County Family Law Lawyers

Dedicated Attorneys For Parents, Grandparents, and Children in Texas

Family law cases come at a turning point in the lives of parents, children, and spouses. Whether you are getting divorced, trying to prove who the father of your child is so you can enforce child support, or pursuing custody of your child, it is likely that you are going through a major life change. You may have just found out that you became a father, or have just decided to end a long-term marriage and start again. When you are going through a family law case, you deserve the best possible legal representation.

The Ramage Law Group is here to guide you through all the life changes that can come with a family law case. Our highly experienced Denton County divorce and child custody attorneys will do all we can to ensure a favorable outcome in your case, whatever that means for you. We will strive to provide top-quality legal advocacy from the day you contact us until you have received a final resolution you are completely satisfied with.

Family Law Issues Our Denton County Law Firm Can Help With

We are experienced in working with all types of families going through all types of family law proceedings. Family law issues we can help you with include:

  • Divorce - Divorce is an incredibly common legal proceeding. Ending a nonviable marriage is considered a perfectly normal and proper thing to do in modern times. We will start by helping you decide whether to use collaborative divorce or divorce litigation.
  • Marital asset division - In Texas, both spouses own half of all marital assets. Virtually anything you acquired after getting married will be considered a marital asset, with some limited exceptions. A 50/50 division is considered the standard. For older spouses, dividing the retirement savings may be a very high priority.
  • Child custody - Child custody can be decided during a divorce or in an independent case brought by unmarried parents. Denton County courts use a list of factors to determine what arrangement would be best for the child. Those factors include things like the child's needs and wishes, and how well each parent can provide a stable home and meet the child's particular needs.
  • Paternity - Fathers who wish to pursue custody and mothers who wish to pursue child support must begin by proving paternity. While paternity for unmarried parents is usually established by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity, it can also be established through court proceedings.
  • Child support - Children have a legal right to be supported financially by both their parents. When one parent has exclusive or primary custody, the parent with less custody time or no custody rights may be ordered to pay child support. If your child is entitled to child support they are not receiving, there are a number of legal strategies for forcing payment.
  • Grandparents' Rights - We can help grandparents who need to pursue custody or guardianship of their grandchildren in order to protect them from harmful or absent parents.
  • Adoption - Adopting a child can be a beautiful way to become a parent for the first time or to expand your family. People choose adoption for many reasons. We are experienced in guiding families through the approval and adoption process. Whether you are seeking to adopt a child who is already related to you but does not have present and interested parents, or are seeking to become parents through agency or open adoption, we can help you along your journey.

We can help with almost any type of family law issue your family may be met with.

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The Ramage Law Group is experienced in helping families through a wide variety of family law cases, from divorce and child custody to paternity and fathers' rights. Our skilled attorneys will do all we can to secure the outcome you want. Contact us at 972-562-9890 for a confidential consultation.

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A family lawyer does much more than simply provide legal answers. Our lawyers explore a variety of different solutions to help you achieve your goals and secure your family's financial and emotional future and stability.

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