Guiding You Through The Property Division Process

With dedicated, client-oriented family law attorneys, The Ramage Law Group brings an objective and practical approach to the all-important challenges of property division for our clients who face divorce. Decisions made during divorce negotiations can have a long-term impact, so it is essential to have seasoned legal guidance. This is where our experienced divorce lawyers’ skills come into play.

Strategizing For Your Success

Whatever the assets in question, characterization of those assets as marital or community property versus separate assets is a critical component of asset division in a divorce. It is not always easy to determine which category an asset falls. We are prepared to advise you on how to protect your rights and your future financial stability as you go through the often-challenging process of asset division.

Do you know what your divorce decree will mean in terms of one or more of the following?

  • Financial assets including insurance and retirement assets
  • Real estate, including the marital home and any other property
  • Automobiles and recreational equipment
  • Jewelry, art, collectibles and antiques
  • Business assets

Property division outcomes often have to do with relationship dynamics just as much as with mathematical calculations. This is one reason we promote and practice collaborative law for the well-being of both parties going through a divorce. Those who understand the power of honest awareness and compromise may be able to obtain goals with less legal costs.

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