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4 Tips for a Texas Divorce

 Posted on April 05, 2024 in Divorce

TX divorce lawyerWhen divorce is looming, people often feel panicked. It is a time of upheaval and transition, and while change is an unavoidable fact of life, it still tends to be something people try to avoid at all costs. There is also the added aspect of a breakup with someone you were in a serious committed relationship with and the emotional impact that can have, not to mention concerns about how a divorce will affect your financial future. People going through divorce can experience any combination of emotions, including anger, heartbreak, disappointment, and anxiety.

In addition to all that, there are so many issues to settle and agreements that need to be formally drafted, and it can certainly feel overwhelming. This article will describe some of the main things you should focus on if divorce is in your future. Of course, if this is happening to you, there is no replacement for a qualified McKinney, TX divorce lawyer who can walk you through the entire process from start to finish and use legal knowledge and experience with similar cases to advocate for your best interests.

Tip 1: Credit Report and Financial Documents

Before you can consider negotiating how you and your spouse will divide your marital estate, it is extremely important to know where you stand and what you might owe others. There may even be debt in your name that you were not aware of. Getting a copy of your credit report is a great step towards protecting your financial future. Likewise, it is a good idea to start getting copies of things like account reports, income tax forms, property deeds, paystubs, vehicle titles, investment portfolios, and anything else related to your marital estate. You cannot begin thinking about the kind of deal you want to negotiate until you have a clear understanding of what you and your spouse have.

Tip 2: PO Box

It might be a good idea to establish a post office box in your name only before your divorce proceedings begin. This can ensure that your spouse does not have access to any personal information including financial documents you may have requested copies of, paperwork from a new bank account you have opened in your name only, or communication with your lawyer.

Tips 3: Protect Heirlooms

Take any valuable family heirlooms out of your marital home and put them in a safe place where you can protect them. Inform your lawyer about them and what you did to keep them safe so your spouse cannot accuse you of hiding assets later on.

Tip 4: Hire Experienced Legal Representation

While you can read all the divorce preparation articles available, there is no replacement for a good attorney who can represent your interests and protect your rights. Someone with experience advocating for clients like you will be able to work towards a divorce settlement you can be comfortable with.

Contact a McKinney, TX Divorce Lawyer

If you think you will be getting a divorce soon, speak with a knowledgeable Collin County, TX divorce attorney at The Ramage Law Group. We understand divorce proceedings and can help you navigate this overwhelming process. Call 972-562-9890 so we can get started on drawing up a plan for you.

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