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Parker Family Law Lawyers

Divorce Attorneys Serving Collin County, TX

Roughly a third of adults will be involved in some type of family law case in their lifetime. If you are going through this type of case, you are in good company. While getting divorced or separating from your child's other parent may feel like "failing," you can rest assured that you are likely taking the best possible course of action. Having two parents who are not together is generally better for children than having two parents who are constantly stressed out and fighting. Being divorced is generally better than being trapped in an unhappy marriage.

The Ramage Law Group is here to provide quality legal support and guidance for people who are involved in family law cases. We can help with all types of family law issues, including divorce, paternity, grandparents' rights, and child support. Our goal is to set you up for long-term stability and happiness when your case concludes.

Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys in Parker, Texas

Child custody can be decided as part of a divorce, or it can be brought as a separate case between unmarried parents. It is often best for children when the parents are able to use collaborative law techniques to create a co-parenting arrangement outside of court. High-conflict child custody cases that must be decided by a judge can be very stressful for you and your children, and they are rarely necessary except to protect a child from a harmful parent.

Nearly all cases end in joint custody. The main question is how much time you will be able to spend with your child and under what circumstances. It is fairly common for one parent to say that they are going after sole custody, but this is highly unlikely unless they can prove you are dangerous to the child. Supervised visitation may be an option in some cases, but courts rarely sever the parent-child relationship entirely.

Property Division in Divorce

Dividing marital property may be fairly simple for those who have been married only a few years and still have a lot of separate property. It may be far more complicated for high-asset spouses and those who have been married for a long time. After lengthy marriages, spouses often share investments, retirement accounts, family homes, and other difficult-to-divide assets.

Texas is a community property state—you and your spouse own each marital asset equally. This means you can expect a 50/50 division if you litigate your divorce. If you choose mediation, you will be able to divide assets in whatever manner works for both of you.

Paternity Lawyers in Collin County, TX

If you are a father, proving paternity is the first step towards enforcing your fathers' rights and seeking shared custody of your child. If you are a mother, you may need to initiate a paternity suit to prove who the father of your child is before you can address issues related to child support.

Children can benefit tremendously from having two legal parents. Being raised by both their mother and father, assuming both are interested in being in the child's life, can provide a child with additional guidance and security, even if their parents are not in a romantic relationship. Being financially supported by two parents can also mean that a child is more likely to have all of their needs met.

Paternity suits are generally uncomplicated. If the parents do not agree that they are the parents, a simple DNA test can be ordered to help determine who a child's father is. A family court can then address issues related to child custody and child support.

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The Ramage Law Group is committed to helping build strong families, which sometimes means ending a marriage and finding a new way for parents to share parenting duties. Our dedicated team of Collin County family law attorneys can assist with all types of family law issues. Contact us at 972-562-9890 to consult with a lawyer.

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