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Could a Collaborative Divorce Benefit My Family? 

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Collin County Family Law AttorneyThere is good news for advocates of family stability - not only are divorce rates falling, especially among younger age groups, but couples who do divorce are acting more carefully about how they choose to go about the divorce process. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is known as “collaborative divorce,” and it is particularly helpful to those who are concerned about avoiding unnecessary conflict throughout the divorce process. If you have children under age 18 or are simply looking for a peaceful resolution to the end of your marriage, collaborative divorce could be the right choice for you. 

What is Collaborative Divorce? 

Divorce has traditionally been a combative experience, and no wonder; many of the elements of divorce can feel zero-sum to both parties. After all, time a child spends living with one parent is time she does not spend in the other parent’s home. However, collaborative divorce still recognizes some of the inherent conflicts of interest while still respecting the effort to minimize hostility and protect minor children. 

Collaborative divorce involves both parents having a team of experts who guide them cooperatively through the divorce. This includes attorneys, as well as anyone else the parents feel could contribute: financial professionals, child psychologists, divorce coaches, and more. If, for whatever reason, the collaborative process is not successful, the entire team dissolves and each party’s attorney cannot go on to represent them in court litigation. 

Do All Attorneys Work as Collaborative Family Lawyers? 

Because of the sensitive nature of collaborative divorce and other family law matters like Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR), not every attorney wants to work as a collaborative family lawyer. Some attorneys specialize in high-conflict divorce, in which one or both parties want to fight in court as hard as possible. Others simply believe the older way of doing things is better. 

If you are interested in collaborative divorce, it is important to choose an attorney who not only values and respects the collaborative divorce process and your preferences, but who has specific experience in this field. 

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