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5 things to do if you are considering a divorce

 Posted on April 01, 2021 in Divorce

After a year of lockdowns, health scares and stress over the pandemic, a Texas summer is finally on the horizon. The turmoil has been extra challenging for many married couples experiencing trouble in their relationships.

But vaccinations are increasing, and public health restrictions are loosening. This summer may be the time that couples who have been cooped up with each other for most of the past year decide whether it's time to take action.

Steps to prepare for a possible divorce

The reasons and outcomes for divorce are different for every person. But there are some basic things to consider while you are contemplating what to do next, such as:

  1. Undecided? Don’t worry!: You may still be unsure whether you really want a divorce. That's normal in most instances.
  2. Get educated: If you’ve reached an impasse with your spouse, don’t get mad. Do some homework. Instead of giving in to anger and frustration, learn what's involved with the divorce process. You can find many credible sources online or at a bookstore.
  3. Take concrete actions: Doing research can cause more problems if your spouse is unaware that you are contemplating divorce. It may be wise to create a new email account and use an “incognito” window when searching online. You may also want to start putting some cash aside in case divorce becomes a reality. Talk to an experienced family law attorney about setting up a safe, separate account.
  4. Consider the financial side of divorce: Make a list of your income and assets as well as where and how you can live on a single income. Do you need to get a job or a higher-paying one? Now might be a good time to take an inventory of all marital assets.
  5. Be careful when sharing information: Use caution when talking to friends or family members. It's hard for people you love to be objective, and they may only tell you what you want to hear. Some of them may have also gone through a divorce. But remember that your reasons and challenges are likely much different.

Your decision will affect others you love

For parents, divorce presents many other crucial challenges. In our next article, we’ll examine some of the ways your children may be affected now and how divorce can affect their future.

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