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Are divorces more likely after stay-at-home orders lift?

 Posted on September 01, 2020 in Divorce

For months, therapists and family law experts have predicted a surge in divorces here in Texas and elsewhere as shelter-in-place restrictions are relaxed or lifted.

These experts say there are two primary reasons. First, a lot of estranged couples didn’t have a choice but to live together as the pandemic worsened. Second, the stress of being cooped up with each other was the final straw for many.

Choosing the next step

Regardless of which spouse decides to file for divorce, or if both of you are in agreement, you’re now faced with another challenging decision on how to end your marriage. The default method is litigation, while others pursue alternative dispute resolution, such as collaborative divorce.

Questions to consider over the process

There are several considerations when deciding whether to take your spouse to court or work with them to find a middle ground. To determine what's best for you, answer these questions:

  • Is it essential to end this relationship with respect and integrity?
  • Do you have children to consider?
  • Is it more important to save money, or do you feel there's no choice but to pursue the more expensive route in court?
  • Is it paramount that the process causes the least impact, emotionally and financially?
  • Are you and your spouse able to commit to a fair and rational approach to dividing marital assets?
  • Is it vital that you work together as role models to show your kids how mature adults handle challenges?

Make a decision based on facts instead of emotions

Although many couples may have reached a breaking point during this difficult time, the healthiest divorce outcomes typically result from logical thinking and focusing on the future. An experienced family law attorney can help you find a way forward based on what's best for you and your family.

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