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Assets That May Need To Be Appraised During Divorce

 Posted on October 05, 2022 in Property Division

Collin County divorce lawyerA significant portion of the conflict in many divorce cases stems from the need to divide the entire marital estate evenly. It is not an easy task to accomplish a division that is agreeable to both parties. In many cases, particularly those involving high-net-worth divorce, there is often a dispute as to the value of certain assets. Whether you and your current spouse are preparing for litigation or attempting to settle your divorce through alternative dispute resolution methods, it is necessary to have a concrete valuation for marital assets. 

There are several methods for establishing the value of an asset through appraisal. Some spouses mutually agree on an appraiser, while others each have the asset appraised separately and take the average. The method by which you establish the value of an asset can have an important impact on the ultimate outcome of your divorce. An attorney can provide you with more information about valuation methods. 

Assets to Consider Having Appraised or Valuated

Many assets fluctuate in value over the years depending on a number of factors, including the current health of the market. Assets you may want to consider having appraised or valuated include: 

  • Shared business ventures - If there is a family business, or a corporation that you and your spouse share ownership interest in, you will need to obtain a current valuation. The worth of a business can be difficult to determine without professional help, as there are a large number of moving parts affecting the value of a company. 

  • Investment portfolios - Investments and stocks can fluctuate daily, sometimes gaining or losing tremendous value literally overnight. If you own a stock portfolio, an expert valuation can help you and your spouse establish a concrete value for bargaining purposes. 

  • Jewelry, art, and antiques - The value of jewelry and art pieces can be difficult for a layperson to discover with a high degree of certainty. The brand or artist, the materials used, the rarity or commonality of similar pieces, the antiquity, the condition of the piece, and countless other factors can all have a significant effect. 

  • Real estate - If it has been many years since you purchased your home or other real estate properties, particularly if you rent them out, you will need to determine the present value.

Call a Collin County Divorce Attorney

The Ramage Law Group can guide you in determining which of your marital assets should be appraised during your divorce. Our experienced McKinney divorce lawyers can assist in obtaining concrete values for assets of fluctuating or uncertain worth. Call 972-562-9890 for a consultation. 



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