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Can My Social Media Posts Affect My Divorce?

 Posted on May 15, 2024 in Divorce

TX divorce lawyerNowadays, it is hard to think of any aspect of life that is not connected in some way to social media. Whether you are keeping in touch with friends, tracking your spending, ordering food deliveries, mapping a route to take to a meeting, staying on top of school work, or dating, social media has become an integral part of it all. As people enjoy continued access to all sorts of information, they are also noticing that they seem to have less privacy.

If you are not breaking the law or harming anyone, you may think you have nothing to hide. However, if you are in the process of getting a divorce, it is often best to try to control the information that your spouse and his lawyers have about you. There are many ways that information you share online can result in worse outcomes in a divorce. An experienced Collin County, TX divorce lawyer can explain why and advise you on ways you can protect yourself and your privacy.

Pictures Can Be Misleading

Divorce can make you feel nervous about your financial prospects. If your spouse was the main breadwinner and now you need to work out how you will get by alone, it can be extremely nerve-wracking. Of course, spousal support and child support can help. However, if you post pictures that make it seem you are living a life of luxury, it could affect the kind of divorce settlement you might end up with. People tend not to show themselves in a negative light, preferring instead to post pictures where they are smiling, in beautiful places, with nice things around them. Your spouse’s lawyer might use that to show that you do not actually need financial help to keep maintaining your home and raising your children.

Another thing to pay attention to is family pictures. While social media posts are not the only thing taken into consideration when a judge approves a parenting plan, they are sometimes used to offer helpful background information. Some parents try not to post pictures of their children online out of concern for their children’s safety. However, if you do not have pictures with them online and your spouse suddenly starts posting numerous pictures with them, it can make it seem like they are the more involved parent and you do not spend quality time with them.

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If you are about to begin divorce proceedings, let a knowledgeable McKinney, TX divorce attorney advise you on ways you might want to modify your online behavior. At The Ramage Law Group, we have a lot of experience advocating for our clients to get divorce settlements they are comfortable with. Call us at 972-562-9890 to schedule a free consultation.

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