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Divorce During the Holidays

 Posted on December 11, 2023 in Child Custody

TX divorce lawyerThe holiday season can be challenging for people who are going through divorce. You may have spent the holidays with your spouse for many years. Being apart from them can feel strange, even if you are happy to be getting divorced. About half of all parents going through a divorce will be spending at least one major holiday away from their children, many for the first time ever. Another half are no longer in their marital residence and may have even been forced out by a temporary court order or protection order. All of this can take its toll and drive emotional decision-making. You should speak to a well-qualified McKinney, Texas, divorce attorney before taking any major steps in your case. 

Tips for Happy Holidays While You Are Getting Divorced

The holidays can be an emotional time for a lot of people. Whether the holidays hold religious, cultural, or nostalgic significance for you, your ongoing divorce can cast a dark cloud over the season if you let it. Tips for avoiding holiday hassles include: 

Get and follow temporary orders - If you cannot make a clear and reliable agreement on who will have the children, who will have possession of the vehicle, or other important issues, you may need to get temporary court orders. If you have these orders, follow them precisely. 

  • Wait until the New Year to reconcile - It is fairly common for people to have second thoughts about getting divorced during the holidays. People can feel lonely, miss family holidays, or fear that they will have to spend future holidays without their children. Some go as far as asking their spouse to call off the divorce. If you are having these feelings, it is wise to wait until after the holidays have passed and then reconsider whether you really want to stay married to your spouse. 
  • Celebrate twice - Since the children can only be with one parent at a time, some parents simply celebrate the holiday whenever the children can be with them. This may mean, for example, celebrating Christmas by waking up and opening presents under the tree on the 29th when the kids come back from their other parent’s house. If you are the parent doing this, you should also celebrate the holiday on its calendar date with other friends or family. 

While the holiday season can be challenging when you are in the middle of a divorce, you can enjoy finding new ways to celebrate and build new traditions. 

Contact a Collin County, TX, Divorce Lawyer 

The Ramage Law Group understands how challenging divorce can be. Our dedicated McKinney, TX, divorce attorneys will strive to make your divorce as simple as it can be. Contact us at 972-562-9890 to arrange your initial consultation. 

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