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Do Fathers Have Rights in a Texas Custody Case?

 Posted on June 05, 2024 in Fathers’ Rights

TX family lawyerThere is a common misconception that when it comes to child custody, mothers always get the better end of the deal. This misconception was mostly based on the reality from years ago, where fathers were the main breadwinners and mothers were the main homemakers and parents. The world has gone through many changes and the way families used to live even 20 years ago is no longer the established norm. There are many families in which both the mother and father work full-time, and both share parental responsibilities. There are also families where the mother has an impressive and demanding career, and the father has a more flexible job.

Regardless of career paths, fathers in America have become increasingly involved in raising their children, much more than their fathers were when they were children. Legal arrangements for divorced parents reflect this change, and there is no reason to assume that a father will automatically get an unfair custody settlement in a divorce. If you are considering divorce but are worried about how it might limit your time with your children, speak with a Collin County, TX fathers’ rights lawyer to understand your options.

What Do Fathers’ Rights Include?

All parents have the same rights regarding their children. Whether you are a mother or father, you have the right to spend time with your child and make important decisions that affect them.

Instead of automatically making a decision based on the parents’ gender, the courts try to understand what type of child custody arrangement would be in the child’s best interest. Generally speaking, judges will try to ensure that parents can have the same amount of involvement with their child after a divorce as they had before.

If either parent claims that the other has a history of substance abuse, domestic violence, or instability and they are unable to provide a safe environment for the child, this can have a serious impact on the custody arrangement. Otherwise, the courts tend to prefer granting parents joint custody to reflect how the parents divided their parental responsibilities and time with the child before the divorce.

Contact a Collin County, TX Fathers’ Rights Attorney

If you worry that a divorce will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend with your child, speak with a compassionate and hardworking McKinney, TX child custody lawyer who will fight for your rights. At The Ramage Law Group, we strive to get our clients a fair child support arrangement they can be comfortable with. Call us at 972-562-9890 so we can start working on a strategy.

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