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How can social media affect your divorce?

 Posted on August 01, 2021 in Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a devastating experience. It can be even more challenging under the bright lights of the social media age. If you are a fervent user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms, it's vital to your future to understand how these applications can affect the outcome of your divorce.

Social media dos and don’ts during divorce

So many Texans’ lives are chronicled these days on social media. But once you decide to end your marriage, you need to change your social media habits, since anything you post may be used against you in court. Here are some general rules for managing your online presence:

What you should do with your social media accounts:

  • If possible, stop using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram until your divorce is final
  • Change your passwords so your spouse or others can’t access your accounts
  • Change your security to the highest level possible to restrict what others can see
  • Monitor your children's social media activity

What you should NOT do on social media:

  • Vent against your soon-to-be-ex or refer to them at all
  • Mention anything about your divorce
  • Post photos that cast you in a negative light
  • Discuss controversial or unpleasant topics
  • Mention or post photos of a new love interest
  • Never post pictures of a new romantic partner with your children
  • Boast about or show pictures of expensive purchases, such as a new car

Social media silence is golden

Sometimes, divorcing spouses attempt to mess with each other by posting unkind messages or pictures. Don’t take the bait. Instead, if your spouse makes threatening or rude comments or exercises any of the behaviors above, alert your attorney as it may be evidence that can help your case.

Social media has many positives that connect us with families and friends. However, it's crucial to understand how it can be used against you in the heat of a divorce, potentially resulting in long-term negative consequences.

Exercise caution, and above all, digitally disconnect yourself from your spouse and other negative influences. Don’t take your eye off the goal of receiving the best possible parenting arrangement and receiving your fair share of marital assets.

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