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How to have an amicable co-parenting relationship post-divorce

 Posted on April 01, 2021 in Child Custody

Most Texas parents agree to put their children's needs first after a separation or divorce. While their marriage may be at an end, they will continue to raise a family together as co-parents.

Divorce can be devastating for children, even if their parents still get along. The best arrangement for everyone involved is when parents maintain a respectful and civil relationship.

Five tips for amicable post-divorce parenting

Even divorced couples who come together to prioritize their parenting duties face many challenges, such as disagreements, feelings of abandonment and loneliness. But those feelings can often be overcome by looking at the big picture and pursuing these strategies:

  • Compromise: Parenting isn’t a contest. When disagreements arise, avoid making demands, calmly discuss creative solutions and don’t try to win every dispute. Choose your battles wisely.
  • Talk to your kids: Parents who draw a line in the sand can quickly reach an impasse. In many cases, having an age-appropriate conversation with the child on their preferences can help both parents come to an understanding.
  • Embrace alone-time: When kids split time between two households, one parent can experience loneliness. It's crucial to find ways to utilize that time positively so your kids don’t feel guilty about leaving you alone.
  • Lean on friends and family: Many newly single parents adopt a tough exterior and attempt to “go it alone,” not wanting to burden others with their issues. However, the people closest to you can provide comfort and company when anxiety and loneliness occur.
  • Collaborative divorce: Instead of pursuing litigation, working together with a soon-to-be-ex can provide you with a built-in mechanism for resolving future parenting disagreements.

Everyone wins with amicable co-parenting

In addition to these strategies, support groups and apps can connect you to others going through the same co-parenting challenges. It's advisable to work with an experienced family law attorney who has helped many divorcing couples manage conflicts by utilizing the collaborative process.

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