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If I Get a Raise, Will I Need to Pay More Child Support?

 Posted on June 12, 2024 in Child Support

TX family lawyerWhen parents get a divorce, they end up with a settlement that details how they will continue parenting their children once they are no longer married. Common aspects of a divorce settlement are a parenting plan, the division of marital assets, and child support arrangements. Often, the parent who earns more money and has less time with the child has to make payments to the parent who earns less and has more time with the child. The specific amount that is paid is unique to each family and is calculated based on several factors.

However, those factors could change, and if so, you might wonder whether some new development will impact your child support arrangement. For example, if you are the paying parent and you get a raise at work, does that mean you will need to pay more in child support? This article will offer insight into this topic, but if this relates to you, speak with a skilled Collin County, TX child support lawyer to find out more.

Requesting Child Support Modifications

There are rules about who can ask for a child support modification and how. Some of these rules include:

  • Request by non-paying parent: In a Texas divorce, there is always one parent who pays child support and one who receives it. It is the non-paying parent who needs to request a modification to the arrangement. If you get a raise, your ex needs to ask for the payments to be modified in accordance. However, you are not legally required to disclose that you got a raise unless that is specifically detailed in your divorce settlement.
  • Request through court proceedings: If someone wants their ex to pay them more child support, they are not supposed to do this by directly appealing to their ex. All requests for a modification need to be submitted to the court.
  • Provide details: If your ex finds out you got a raise, they might immediately request a modification so that you would need to pay more. However, their word alone is not enough. If, for example, your raise reflects an adjustment to the cost of living, it would not likely justify increased payments. If you have been given a pay raise every year for several years, the court might decide that it is time for your child support payments to increase. Either way, the court will make its decision based on the facts.

Speak with a Collin County, TX Child Support Attorney

If you are worried that getting a raise at work will mean paying more in child support, speak with a trusted McKinney, TX child support lawyer. Just because you were given a raise does not mean you need to hand it all over to your ex. At The Ramage Law Group, we will review your entire case and advise you about your options, guided by a passion for protecting your rights. Call us at 972-562-9890 so we can get started.

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