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Keeping your divorce out of the public eye

 Posted on June 01, 2021 in Divorce

The end of a marriage can take a heavy toll on spouses, children, close friends and family members. The emotional consequences can be even greater when private information surrounding your divorce is available for the public to see.

Keeping those details away from prying eyes depends upon your behavior and working with an experienced family law attorney who understands how Texas privacy laws can keep certain information from becoming public.

Avoid venting on social media

One key to minimizing the harm for children is for both spouses to remain civil. Avoid bashing the other party through digital communications, including emails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts or anything that could appear before a judge.

It's better to refrain from talking about your divorce or spouse on any of these platforms or keep details limited. Finally, never make angry public remarks or accusations about the other party out of frustration, as they can be used against you later.

Legal remedies to keep information private

While most divorce documents filed in court are typically public information, Texas is a bit more lenient than other states about sealing records related to family court matters. A skilled attorney may be able to take several steps to protect your privacy, including:

  • Marking individual documents as “sensitive”
  • Hiding personal information, such as financial account numbers, birthdates and other details
  • Entering into an agreed protective order – also called a confidentiality order
  • Sealing the entire divorce record pursuant to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Adding a confidentiality clause in the divorce agreement
  • Using the collaborative process to settle the divorce behind closed doors

Focus on a peaceful and private divorce result

When it comes to privacy, less is more, as sharing fewer nitty-gritty details of your marriage is in your best interests. That approach helps foster a better parenting relationship with your ex to ensure a safe and loving atmosphere for your children.

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