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Phone Apps That Spell Trouble

 Posted on April 01, 2020 in Divorce

Affairs are soul crushing. Not only does infidelity destroy families and reputations, but cheating is a huge sign of disrespect. It can affect your trust in future partners and destroy your own self-esteem, in addition to playing a role in the dissolution of your marriage.

We are all attached to our phones now more than ever, so it's often our personal devices that reveal where we have been, who we have been talking to and what we are doing. If you suspect an affair, you should be on the lookout for the following apps on your partner's devices, as they can only spell trouble:

Adult Friend Finder: This app has been around for decades, first releasing back in 1996. It is targeted towards those who are looking to hookup, casually have sex, and just meet someone who's attractive. Basically, it's the ultimate app for someone who is cheating.

Affair D: A direct competitor of Ashley Madison's, and in many ways, very similar. AffairD is a discreet married dating website for cheating wives and cheating husbands. Attached males, attached females or people who are interested in attached people, can meet similar people on Affair D. And it's 100% free.

Ashley Madison: If your partner is looking to cheat, Ashley Madison is one of the best apps to have an affair. The app allows people to meet and hook up discreetly with others. The majority of users are married, so they offer a whole cheating package. On a bank statement, an elite membership will appear as AMDB. The app has pin protection and an elite membership allows your partner access to a private line, so secret phone calls are completely untraceable.

Avira Vault: A safe place to save all those naughty nude photos and sexy things shared between partners. Avira Vault is a cloud-based, encrypted vault that allows the goods to be stored away from a partner's prying eyes. More importantly, the paid version allows for the creation of a fake account that can dupe you into thinking that you searched your partner's phone and found nothing.

Facebook: Believe it or not, a very large percentage of people find their affair partner of choice on Facebook. If your partner has the online messaging ‘game’ that's strong enough to do it, this app will be one of the most useful and innocent-looking of the bunch. (The same can be said about Instagram.)

Fox Private Messaging: Your cheating spouse could instantly delete text messages with a swift shake of the phone. The app opens in a password protected inbox, so if your partner is caught sexting, a shake of the phone, and the messages will automatically disappear. The app itself is hidden and won't appear in your partner's app list.

Private Message Box: Private messaging and calling is essential for cheaters. With this app, your partner can secretly communicate with their lover. The app comes with a feature which enables your partner to hide the app from her mobile phone applications list. So, if you’re browsing browse through her phone apps, you will not find it.

Signal: Signal is one of the most secure chat apps ever made. It is both password-protected and double-encrypted for extra security. Much like Avira Vault, it stores information, photos, and other sensitive data. Signal has just about every bell and whistle for privacy, while looking like a business app.

Slydial: This app allows a telephone call to go straight to voicemail to allow your partner to review their paramour's messages out of your earshot.

Snapchat : Since many people already have Snapchat, many cheaters end up using this free social media app. This platform allows users to privately message and send others Snaps, photos, videos, GIFs, and more. No one else, including you, will be able to see your partner's activities unless they get possession of their phone

Vaulty Stocks: Vaulty Stocks is an app that looks like a stock portfolio app, but actually is an online vault where your partner can keep their illicit affair photos and videos. Needless to say, it's pretty handy to have to hide sketchy stuff. It acts just like Avira Vault, but it is a bit more discreet and less obvious.

If you suspect infidelity in your partner and believe that divorce in a possibility, let your family law attorney know so a proper investigation can be done. Forensic evaluations of cell phones can uncover secret messages, apps, photos and videos. And sometimes, knowledge is power. The experienced attorneys at The Ramage Law Group can provide the knowledge and tools needed to help you navigate your divorce. Call us for a consultation 972-562-9890.

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