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Should we stay together only for the kids?

 Posted on April 01, 2021 in Divorce

Some Texas parents fear that divorce could be so devastating to their children that the best option is staying in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage. Psychologists agree that divorce or separation can be destabilizing and stressful for kids.

The best situation is having a supportive, predictable and loving household where both parents are present. However, divorce is usually a better option in the long-term when the parents are incompatible.

Parents can ease the pain of divorce

It is well documented that children of divorce are more likely to experience emotional and behavioral issues than those with intact families. But kids are resilient and can usually bounce back quickly when at least one parent:

  • Makes sure they feel safe and secure
  • Is openly affectionate and honest
  • Maintains positive contact with the other parent
  • Exhibits a civil and respectful attitude toward their ex
  • Cooperates on all matters involving the kids
  • Empowers children and supports their independence
  • Instills the ability to cope with challenges and disappointments
  • Has a reliable support network of family, friends and others
  • Seeks professional help for themselves or their kids when necessary

The effects of divorce don’t have to be permanent

All loving parents want what's best for their children. Many put their own best interests aside, thinking it's the right thing to do. However, kids can sense something isn’t right even if mom and dad aren’t openly hostile toward each other but no longer communicate or show affection.

One advisable step when seeking professional help is consulting a compassionate family law attorney who understands how families are affected when parents no longer get along. While divorce will likely affect children, they can still thrive when at least one parent remains committed to their welfare.

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