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Top Co parenting apps

 Posted on May 01, 2020 in Child Custody

There's an App for everything. So why not an App for Co-parenting?

Children need stability, calm and security as they grow-up. Which parent are they spending the weekend with? Who needs to sign their school field trip note? The concern of these parental jobs is not their burden, and it's our role as parents to have it covered, allowing our kids to be kids.

Some parents can move into co-parenting rather seamlessly, while others feel like they have fallen into the deep end of a murky pool. And the ones’ who can suffer while you’re treading water are the children.

You’re not alone, and the Apps below were designed with you in mind:

    Could you work with your ex-spouse post-divorce? Thankfully, the creators of Our Family Wizard could. This co-parenting app was created by a divorced couple who needed a tool to better communicate and share of information regarding their children. The app features tools that not only schedule child custody, track parenting time, share information and manage expenses but also log communication, providing you with accurate records for court proceedings. Third-parties such as grandparents, mediators and therapists can be added to the account at no extra cost.
  • COZI
    Cozi is the must-have organizer for families, even those with multiple households. It helps coordinate and communicate everyone's schedules and activities, track grocery lists, manage to do lists, plan for dinner, and keep the whole family on the same page. The family calendar allows you to see what everyone is doing and where everyone needs to be with a shared, color-coded calendar. Either parent can set reminders and send agenda emails so no one misses an appointment. Children's activities, meetings, school schedules, lessons, practices and games are all in one place
  • WeParent
    WeParent is an excellent time management and tracking app designed for divorced and separated co-parents. Parenting is hard, and co-parenting can be harder. Manage your custody schedules, school events and appointments, send messages to your private group, and organize contacts, lists, photos and documents all from this app.
    FamCal is one of the best reviewed calendar apps out there. Its shared calendar allows every member of the family to share dates, events, schedules, tasks and notes in one place. Schedules, activities, to-do lists and memos are easy to access without searching your phone for multiple apps. Easily share color coded schedules with co-parents and kids so everyone is in the loop.
    Being priced per family, not per parent, makes 2Houses a perfect family app. In addition to offering a great suite of features for every aspect of co-parenting, like an advanced management calendar and detailed expense recording, 2Houses also offers a journal. The journal allows parents to feel connected to their children, even when they are with the other parent, by allowing parents and children to share important events, photos and videos. Use the Wish List to stay on the same page regarding future gifts for your child.
    What makes Custody Connection unlike any other app is its unique, optional sync feature which allows co-parents to connect (sync) and maintain an accurate, shared custody calendar.
    No need to send a text, email, or make a phone call; this option allows co-parents to easily communicate and request changes at the push of a button. Your changes are automatically updated so that you, your co-parent and your children are always up-to-date. Taking the guess work out of who has the children and when, will truly make life easier!
  • Coparently
    Keep your kids out of the middle, have fewer conversations with your ex and reduce conflict. Coparently means you and your co-parent can manage your children's busy schedule from separate homes without feeling overwhelmed. Navigate the custody calendar and co-parent communications, expenses and contacts all from your mobile phone screen.
  • Parentship
    A thorough scheduling app. Parentship helps you and your co-parent communicate with less friction, keep track of and share custody calendars, expenses and important documents, and focus on shared commitment to raise children in the best way possible. Quickly coordinate calendars without emails and text messages.
  • CoPilots
    If you want more than a calendar and scheduling app for coparenting, CoPilots is for you. The app aims to help separated or divorced families raise happy kids between two homes with a variety of tools: common calendar, parenting schedule, child journal, photo sharing, and messenger. Parents and any adult caretaker can view their child's schedule as well as track contacts, appointments and messages. Users can add multiple adults in the child's circle, including different partners.
  • AppClose
    This is by far the best free app out there for co-parenting. This app has several features and a layout that makes communication seamless. Often billed as an alternative to OurFamilyWizard, AppClose has been around a long time and encompasses all aspects of coparenting with ease. It keeps track of all records that can be easily exported when needed. The calendar shares important dates and expenses may be paid, shared and monitored through the app.
  • Google calendar:
    Most of us already have or use Google Calendar for work or personal scheduling. By creating a calendar and allowing your ex to have access, you can have a simple way to coordinate schedules with your ex. Schedule regular events to repeat automatically and create reminders. Tap into your Google account, and you can access it on your computer or mobile device.

Co-parenting does not come with an instruction book. And if it did, we might all interpret the instructions somewhat differently. Conflicts can arise. Use the tools you available to control the things you can. These apps can be life preservers that can help you swim to the shallow end of the pool. Your children will thank you for it.

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