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What You Can Do if You Suspect a Child Is Yours

 Posted on January 30, 2024 in Fathers’ Rights

TX family lawyerMen in Texas may find themselves in a situation where they suspect but do not know for sure, that a baby born to a woman they have been involved with is their biological child. If you have “done the math,” so to speak, and determined that you might be the father of a child, there are steps you can take to determine whether the child is, in fact, yours and begin asserting your father’s rights. While it is (almost) always quite clear who the mother of a child is, determining who the father is may require a DNA test. Some mothers intentionally avoid informing a male partner when they have become pregnant, possibly to avoid sharing custody or because they do not want a relationship with the father. However, a McKinney, TX, paternity and father's rights lawyer can initiate court proceedings to establish you as a legal father if it can be proven that the child is yours. 

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Will a Protective Order Affect My Divorce?

 Posted on January 10, 2024 in High Conflict Family Law

TX divorce lawyerAny individual going through a divorce can tell you these are high-stress situations, and when you have to request a protective order during your divorce, the situation can become more complicated. A protective order or allegations of domestic violence can affect certain factors in your divorce, such as child custody. A skilled Texas divorce lawyer can help you understand your options when a protective order is involved in your divorce.

How Do I Request a Protective Order in Texas?

Protective orders are documents that help you keep someone who has been violent or threatened to be violent with you away. Protective orders can be temporary until they are brought before a court, and a judge will make a decision on whether or not to extend the protective order for a certain period of time.

If you are in the middle of a divorce and your spouse has threatened you, you may feel the need to file a protective order in Texas. The Texas State Law Library provides details and instructions on getting this process started. In general, you will need to fill out a form and file it with the court in addition to providing evidence to back up your need for a protective order. You can also consult with a skilled Texas divorce lawyer to understand your options for filing a protective order during your divorce.

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What a Prenuptial Agreement Can and Cannot Do

 Posted on December 28, 2023 in Prenuptial Agreements

TX family lawyerA prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be a valuable tool for a married couple, whether they get divorced or not. For those who are getting divorced, having this type of contract signed in advance can make the division of marital property go very smoothly. Engaged or married couples can use a marital agreement to control many aspects of a potential divorce this way. However, there are legal limits regarding what you can and cannot accomplish with a prenuptial agreement. While you could agree to anything you like in your marital agreement, the courts will not enforce certain clauses. If you are considering getting a prenuptial agreement, it is important to speak to a qualified McKinney, TX, prenuptial agreements attorney. An attorney can draft your contract with enforceability in mind

Enforceable Agreements in a Premarital Contract

Types of clauses you can include in your prenuptial or postnuptial contract include:

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Divorce During the Holidays

 Posted on December 11, 2023 in Child Custody

TX divorce lawyerThe holiday season can be challenging for people who are going through divorce. You may have spent the holidays with your spouse for many years. Being apart from them can feel strange, even if you are happy to be getting divorced. About half of all parents going through a divorce will be spending at least one major holiday away from their children, many for the first time ever. Another half are no longer in their marital residence and may have even been forced out by a temporary court order or protection order. All of this can take its toll and drive emotional decision-making. You should speak to a well-qualified McKinney, Texas, divorce attorney before taking any major steps in your case. 

Tips for Happy Holidays While You Are Getting Divorced

The holidays can be an emotional time for a lot of people. Whether the holidays hold religious, cultural, or nostalgic significance for you, your ongoing divorce can cast a dark cloud over the season if you let it. Tips for avoiding holiday hassles include: 

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2023 Law Firm 500 Honoree

 Posted on November 29, 2023 in Firm News

2023 Law Firm Winner

The Ramage Law Group Named a 2023 Law Firm 500 Honoree for Fastest Growing Law Firms in the U.S. – Seven Years Running.

At The Ramage Law Group, we strive to provide excellent customer service and help our clients achieve success. This commitment to excellence and growth has led to an incredible journey over the past 7 years.

We are thrilled to announce that our dedication has earned The Ramage Law Group a spot as a 2023 Law Firm 500 Honoree, awarded to the nation's Fastest Growing Law Firms. While this recognition is based on our revenue growth, it would not be possible without our team's continued focus on operational excellence and client satisfaction.

"We are grateful to our loyal clients and partners who have helped support our growth journey," said Founder, Sharon Ramage.  "This honor reflects the hard work and talent of our incredible team."

“We are proud to receive the Law Firm 500 Award, which celebrates our team's success. The firm has really been able to help more families in the special education arena this year thanks to the efforts of Adrienne Peters and her dedication to children with disabilities.  The family law section of Gwen Williams, Mary Barefield, Adrienne Peters and Ted Ogilve has assisted countless families successfully navigate the life change that divorce and custody litigation presents.  Our goal is always to help our clients come through the process in a better place, and I feel that we have accomplished that.”

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Tips for High-Conflict Child Custody Disputes

 Posted on November 25, 2023 in Child Custody

TX family lawyerChild custody cases can be very emotionally driven. Many parents become despondent at the thought of not being able to spend as much time with their children as they would like. In other cases, a parent worries about the physical or emotional well-being of their child when they are with the other parent. Then, there are cases where the parents are having a high-conflict divorce in general and every issue, including child custody, is being litigated. If you anticipate that your child custody case will be a high-conflict battle that must be decided by the court, it is important to carefully select an attorney who has experience with such cases. Your attorney must handle this case in a highly strategic and careful manner, as how the facts are presented to the judge is of incredible importance. 

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Can a Mother Force a Paternity Test?

 Posted on November 09, 2023 in Family Law

TX family lawyerIt is, sadly, not uncommon for a man to deny being the father of a child who is in fact, theirs. This can leave mothers without a secondary source of support or care for their babies. Being a single mother can be hard enough when the father does take responsibility. When the father denies paternity and refuses to pay child support or spend time caring for the child, the mother can be left in a very difficult position. Fortunately, in Texas, there is a way for a mother to bring a paternity suit and ultimately force a DNA test if needed. Paternity suits are relatively uncomplicated as far as family law cases go, but the process should still be managed by a qualified Texas paternity lawyer

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Will I Have to Pay Alimony After My Divorce?

 Posted on October 25, 2023 in Spousal Maintenance

TX divorce lawyerWhether you might have to pay your spouse alimony after you get divorced depends on a number of factors, such as the length of your marriage and whether there is a prenuptial agreement in place. The court will also consider your spouse’s ability to earn enough money to meet their needs. Generally, Texas courts are against alimony. However, there are situations where it can be ordered. Spousal support payments are often temporary, lasting only until the divorce is finalized. This is so that neither spouse ends up in a position where they cannot afford housing, food, or other necessities during the divorce. If you are concerned about whether you will have to make spousal support or spousal maintenance payments, it is important to have a qualified Texas divorce attorney assess your case. 

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What Is a High-Conflict Divorce?

 Posted on October 12, 2023 in High Conflict Family Law

TX divorce lawyerYou might hear the term “high conflict divorce” used to describe a divorce that is far more contentious than usual. If you and your spouse cannot stand to be around each other, yours is likely a high-conflict divorce. High-conflict divorces are often contested in court because the spouses cannot come to an agreement, although in some cases, mediation or negotiation does work. A lot of complications can arise in high-conflict divorce. If these couples do try divorce mediation, it is usually a type of mediation that does not involve bringing the spouses together in person. One or both spouses involved may be more concerned with spiting the other than meeting their own needs in these cases. If there are children involved, a hotly contested custody battle is very likely to ensue. If you are preparing for high conflict divorce, it is important to choose a highly strategic attorney to fight for you. 

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Are Children Over 18 Still Entitled to Parental Support?

 Posted on September 27, 2023 in Firm News

McKinney child support lawyerThe fact is that most people are not able to support themselves at the age of 18. The kinds of jobs that are available to people with only a high school diploma rarely pay a living wage. Even if an 18 year old would like to be self-sufficient, almost all still rely on their parents in some ways. If you are getting divorced in Texas or collecting child support for a teenage child, you may worry about whether your spouse will continue providing support to your child if it ceases to be legally mandatory. 

The good news for parents is that support obligations do not automatically terminate on the child’s eighteenth birthday, even though they are now legally an adult. A divorced parent can be held responsible for providing reasonable financial support to their child for several years or more after they reach their majority age or longer in certain circumstances. However, support obligations may need to be incorporated into your divorce decree before it is finalized. An attorney can help you see to it that any prudent continuing support obligations are addressed during your divorce. 

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