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The Effects of Divorce on College Students

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When a couple has older children and decides that the marriage is broken, they may wait until the children have graduated from high school before filing for divorce. But even when divorce happens while the children are away at college, children are still emotionally affected by their parents’ split.

When a couple has children, there really is noright time to divorce. Going away to college can be scary enough, but having to deal with your family falling apart as well can make school even tougher. Even if the parents split up when the college student is young, the effects can carry on more than a decade later.

A study conducted by Texas A&M discovered that divorce is an environmental factor that can create various emotions. Some children are angry or devastated, while others may be happy that they no longer have to hear their parent's fight. Many people try to suppress their emotions and hope they will eventually go away, but the preferred route is to discuss your feelings with someone.


World Down Syndrome Day 2017

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day! The Ramage Law Group celebrated by wearing crazy and unique socks. Let's all spread the awareness throughout our individual communities on the uniqueness of individuals with Down syndrome.

The reality is that individuals with Down syndrome are some of the happiest individuals in the world. They touch others' lives in ways that no one can, and they teach others to take the time to smell the roses, count the stars, and feel the cool breeze in the air. These individuals live for the moment they are creating – they do not live in the past or worry about the future. They have a contagious smile and laughter that only makes you thankful to know them. More and more people's lives are touched by Down syndrome every day. By helping to raise awareness of Down syndrome you will be helping to change the perception of these individuals, help to create jobs, and helping to create a world where people with Down syndrome are fully included and accepted.

Please show your support, help raise awareness and wear funny, crazy and unique socks today!

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